Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Only in year 1986 my village was supplied a fresh water using a pipe. Before that time we a using a water from the wheel we call it telaga (perigi). Telaga is a big hole dig inside earth, it about 5 to 6 metre depend on water source.

To get the water from the telaga, we need to use timba, timba is made a square bucket and tie with the rope.

The water is fresh and cool actually in early morning.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Catch The Fish

Fish is one of the protein that the people in the villager need for their diet. How to catch the fish in the river. Fishing is the traditional method to catch the fish. To make a fishing rod villager use a 5 to 6 metre bamboo stick. Thread and sharp hook is used. A sharp hook is tied at the thread. The thread have to tied at the top bamboo stick.

To try to catch the fish, food need to put onto the hook. Small prawn, insect like cricket can be use for a bite.

Patience is the important to catch the fish using the fishing rod. It take time and experience to catch the fish. If you have a luck day you will go home with a lot of fish, but some time nothing.

In modern live we can buy all the food we need at the store, what we need is the MONEY.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Village, villager and Live

Village in English mean a very small town located in a country area.

Villager means a person who lives in a village.

Live mean to spend your life in particular way.

This three (3) word is use for my entry today. This is the first entry. Why word village, villager and live has been chosen?, because i will try to improve writing in English. I hope this is the first step to do so. I will write something special about how people live in village. How the catch the fish, bird and so on. How kid play, what method they used to grow a plant and what they eat. May be what i will write is different with the other person experience, but it good to us know what a they doing at the village.